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How to Order

Please use the form below to send your name, ship to address and zip code.  Your email address is required.  Use the message box to send details of the order or just email the list to me.   I will send a return email with the price of the items, shipping charges, and the total.  I no longer accept any charge cards but instead will send a Paypal invoice if the order is confirmed.   This provides much greater security for the customer as I will never have or see your card info.

UPS is the usual shipping method.  If asked to I will ship by USPS and a signature on delivery will be required.  If you will not be there and want the package delivered somewhere else or want the shipment held, let me know. Otherwise, when the order is ready, it will be shipped.

When providing a delivery address be certain the address is complete and correct.  Don’t assume that the delivery service will know where you are if you don’t provide the complete address.  Incomplete or incorrect addresses will result in additional shipping charges and delays.