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Bullet Swages-.270" to .299"

Bullet swaging die sets that are in stock and can be shipped now are listed below.  There may be one set in stock or there may be more.  These are first come, first served so who-ever places an order first gets the set.  The caliber and type of the set (type of bullet made) will change now and then so if you don’t see what you want it may be available later.  Complete sets are usually listed.  Individual dies may be ordered. 

All dies and accessories are for the Walnut Hill press or other presses made by RCE, LLC.  No other type of dies will be made or stocked.  To order please go to the “How to Order” page.  

30 to 270 Jacket Reducer


Jacket redraw die set.  Reduces a 30 caliber jacket like the J4 or Hines to 270 caliber (.275″ diameter).  Does not trim the jacket.  In addition to the redraw set the 270 trim set is needed to shorten the jackets.  Two core seat punches for redrawn J4 or Hines jackets are included.  Photo does not show the seating punches.

270 Jacket Trim Set


This is a set to trim an exsting 270 caliber jacket to shorter lengths.  The jacket is expanded for some of its length and the expanded portion is pinched off.  The longer the expanded portion the shorter the trimmed jacket and the shorter the expanded portion the longer the trimmed jacket.  This set only trims a 270 jacket.  The 30 to 270 jacket reducer set can be used to resize jackets to 270 before they are trimmed.  Some of the parts for the trim set are not shown in the photo.

270 Die Set


This is a place holder until time permits posting the real thing.  Photo is of 375 bullets made using copper tubing jackets.

270 Die Set


This is a place holder until time permits posting the real thing.  Photo is of a 50 caliber bullet made using a fired 300 Weatherby case.