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Bullet Swages - .300" to .338"

Bullet swaging die sets that are in stock and can be shipped now are listed below.  There may be one set in stock or there may be more.  These are first come, first served so who-ever places an order first gets the set.  The caliber and style (type of bullet) will change now and then so if youi don’t see what you want it may be there later on.  Complete sets are listed.  However individual dies may be ordered instead of a complete set or in addition to a complete set.  

All dies and accessories are for the Walnut Hill press or other presses made by RCE, LLC.  No other type of dies will be made or stocked. 

How to Order

Please use the form on the “How to Order” page to send me a message with a list of items you are interested in. I will send a return email with the price of the items, shipping charges, and the total cost. Once you have confirmed, I will send a Paypal invoice for the total charge.

If you have questions about items or ordering, please contact me.

308 RBT Set

Price $312.00

Rebated boattail (RBT) add-on set.

Add to a Walnut Hill three die bullet swage set to make RBT bullets for longer range shooting.

Set includes the BT-1 die, BT-2 internal punch, and the RBT point form external punch.

308 Carbine

Price $542.00

Three die set to make a light weight round nose bullet similar to the 30 Carbine GI Ball bullet.   Set includes a core swage, core seat, and point form die.   Two core seat punches are included plus a hollow point seating punch.   A jacket of about 5/8″ long will make a 108 grain flat base, flush tip bullet.  The point form die only is $230.00 and can be added to any 308 die set.

308 Spire Point Set

Price $542.00

Three die set that makes a flat base bullet with a nine degree spire point.

A spire point is like a sharp pencil.  This is a good bullet for long range competition but probably not suitable for everyone.  The ogive is about 9/16″ long.

A 1.0″ commercial bullet jacket will make about a 149 grain bullet with the lead flush to the jacket mouth.  A 1.15″ jacket will make about a 178 grain bullet and a 1.2″ long jacket will make about a 190 grain bullet.   The 1.2″ jacket is a bit longer than the die can handle but with a little care it can be used.

The bullet made with the 1.0″ jacket is best as a flat base.  The longer jackets can be used to make rebated boattail bullets with the optional RBT set.

308 Spire Point Form

Price $230.00

Point form (aka nosing in die) to make a nine degree spire point bullet.

Spire point bullets were popular into the late 1940s but spitzers became the “Go To” bullet shape.  The spire point remains a good design but to get the best from it the bullet should be loaded out of the cartridge case far enough to just touch the rifling when the round is chambered.  If not done that way the bullet may have to “jump” too far before it contacts the rifling and accuracy could suffer.

Price $230.00

Point form die that makes a bullet with a 12S ogive.

The ogive is about 11/16″ long.  This bullet like other long range bullets are not suitable for hunting as they will not expand reliably on game.  Instead the bullet will just punch through leaving a wounded critter that is likely to escape and die.

But for long range competition these bullets are great for the purpose and if a rebated boattail base is used all the better.