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Bullet Swages-.300" to .338"

Bullet swaging die sets that are in stock and can be shipped now are listed below.  There may be one set in stock or there may be more.  These are first come, first served so who-ever places an order first gets the set.  The caliber and style (type of bullet) will change now and then so if youi don’t see what you want it may be there later on.  Complete sets are listed.  However individual dies may be ordered instead of a complete set or in addition to a complete set.  

All dies and accessories are for the Walnut Hill press or other presses made by RCE, LLC.  No other type of dies will be made or stocked.  To order please go to the “How to Order” page.

308 LRN Set

Price $542.00

Three die set.  Makes a .308″ flat base, open tip bullet that has a long round nose ogive.  Includes the core swage, core seat, and point form dies.  Use 1.150″ long or longer jackets.  Two seating punches for J4 or similar commercial jackets.  Good bullet for bolt actions & single shot rifles.

308 RBT Set

Price $312.00

Rebated boattail (RBT) add-on set.   Add to a Walnut Hill three die bullet swage set to make RBT bullets for longer range shooting.  Set includes the BT-1 die, BT-2 internal punch, and the RBT point form external punch.

Price $165.00

Trims a 338 caliber jacket to shorter lengths.  The jacket is expanded and then the expanded portion is cut off.  The longer the expanded portion the shorter the jacket.  The shorter the expanded portion the longer the jacket.  The trimmed length can be adjusted as wanted.  Use commercial gilding metal jackets or jackets made from fired 5.56/223 Remington cases.