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Bullet Swaging Overview

Bullet swaging uses only pressure to form the projectile. Unlike bullet casting no heat is used. The bullet maker uses pressure to force bullet material into a die while one or two punches apply pressure to the bullet. The high pressure causes the material to flow and fill out the shape in the die. Then the bullet is ejected from the die and is ready to use.

There are a great many choices as to how the bullet can be swaged and as to what shapes, materials, and bullet types can be made. This can make swaging sound complicated and difficult but it really is simple once the basics are understood.


The Web Site

The web site is divided into sections to make it easier to find specific information. On the left of the page are the menu and the menu buttons. Each menu button will change color when the curser, the mouse pointer, is placed on it. Click on a menu button to open it. Some menu buttons may open a sub-menu that has additional choices. This way it is possible to “drill down” to find areas that are of interest.

Clicking on the menu button “Basic Information” will open a brief discussion about swaging tools and how to make various bullets. For more detail go to “Richard’s Swaging Book” and to the chapter desired. The book is not complete so only the chapter buttons that are highlighted when the curser is on them are available.

Other menu buttons will open a secure charge card page, contact information, and the On-Line Shopping Cart.