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Setting up horizontal mill with 12″ face mill.


Welcome to the RCE, LLC web site.   The site is about bullet making and the necessory tools.  Bullets can be made by casting, swaging, or by machining them from solid bars.  Sometimes two or all three methods are used.  Most often lower velocity slugs for handguns or blackpowder firearms are cast by pouring molten lead or alloy into a mould.  When the lead has cooled the bullet is removed, sized, lubricated and is ready to use.  Higher velocity projectiles used in higher powered handguns and rifles are more often made by using a swaging press and swaging dies to produce them.  When swaging bullets no heat is used and only the pressure developed by the special swaging press forms the bullet.  A bullet swaging press has a much shorter stroke than a reloading press in order to increase power and the press will automatically eject the bullet from the swage die.  Bullets as small as 10 caliber and as large as 20 mm can be made and even some cannon shells can be produced by swaging.  The swaging press and dies work together to produce projectiles in various diameter, lengths, weights, shapes, and styles.  Swaged bullets can be all lead, paper patched, metal jacketed, or powder coated.  Swaging bullets instead of casting them allows for a much greater choice in the design of the bullet.

To use the site place the computer cursor over the menu at the left on the “Home Page”.  Move the cursor to the selection wanted and click on the selection.  Placing the cursor over  “Catalog”  will open a sub-menu of swaging tools, dies, and accessory items.  The “Stocked Items” section will list core moulds, core cutters, swaging lubricants, swaging presses, and other accessory tools.  The next catalog listings will be bullet swage dies and is broken down by caliber groups.  The last catalog page will list bullet making accessories like jacket resizers, bullet resizers, jacket trim sets, sets to make jackets from cartridge cases, and special tools like Base Protector Washers.

Please use the “Contact” page to email me and I can answer questions or provide a quote including shipping cost.  If you want to place the order let me know and I will send a Paypal invoice.  I no longer accept charge cards as Paypal provides much better security for both of us.