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Welcome to the new RCE, LLC™ site.

Welcome to the RCE, LLC Surplus Center.  Place the computer cursor over “catalog” in the menu to open the catalog pages.  The catalog pages list one-of-a-kind, prototype, experimental, or tried and true bullet swages and bullet swaging/reloading presses.  At times used and reconditioned equipment may be available.  Core moulds, swaging lubricant, lead wire cutters, and other standard items will usually be available.

There may only be one of the surplus swages or special presses .  Or there may be several.  Some surplus items will only be available once.  Others may be on hand later on.  The site is  “first come, first served”.  Who-ever orders first gets the item and the old saying, “you snooze-you lose” is appropriate.

No custom work or special orders will be accepted.  Unless it happens to interest me and it can’t hurt to ask.  If you see something you want use the Contact page to email me, I will email you a price plus shipping, and if that is agreeable I will send a Paypal invoice.