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Bullet Swages - .204" to .264"

Bullet swaging die sets that are in-stock and can be shipped now are listed below. There may be one set in stock or there may be more than one. These are first come, first served so who-ever places an order first gets the set. The caliber and type of set (the type of bullet made) will change often so if you don’t see what you want now perhaps tomorrow it will be there.

Complete die sets are usually listed.  However individual dies may be ordered instead of a complete set or in addition to a set.  To order a point form die only specify the caliber and the ogive.  

All dies & accessories are for Walnut Hill press or other presses made by RCE, LLC™.  No other type of dies will be stocked or made. 

How to Order

Please use the form on the “How to Order” page to send me a message with a list of items you are interested in. I will send a return email with the price of the items, shipping charges, and the total cost. Once you have confirmed, I will send a Paypal invoice for the total charge.

If you have questions about items or ordering, please contact me.

20 to 17 Jacket Sizer

Price $225.00

Redraws a 224 commercial jacket (Sierra, J4, Hines) or a 224 jacket made from a fired 22LR case to 20 caliber and and again to 17 caliber.

Includes core seating punches for redrawn commercial jackets and RF jackets.  Two seating punches in each caliber for the taper wall commercial jackets and one seating punch in each caliber for the jackets made from RF cases.

224 6S Set

Price $542.00

Three die set that makes a .224″  flat base, open tip bullet with a six caliber spitzer ogive.

The ogive is about 5/16″ long.  Especially good if 22LR cases are used for the jacket.  A jacket of around .705″ will make a 48 to 60 grain bullet.

The bullet on the left is made using a fired 22LRcase.  The bullet is a flat base open tip and weighs 52 grains.  On the right is a bullet made using a J4 .705″ long jacket.  The bullet weighs 57 grains.  Change the core weight to make other bullet weights.

224 DDS Set

Price $230.00

This set is used to convert a finished 224 bullet into a Dual Diameter bullet also called a Bore Rider bullet.

This is often used for bullets that have short ogives if the bullet is to be seated out of the cartridge case further to gain more powder room.

The bearing of the bullet is reduced from .224″ to .215″ for part of the length of the bearing.  The small diameter will enter the rifling and rest on the rifling lands.  The loaded cartridge can be ejected without having the bullet stuck in the rifling.   The dual diameter bullet is also popular with target shooters as the small diameter aligns and guides the bullet in the barrel.

The photo shows a round nose bullet, a 6S bullet, and a 6S bullet made with a fired 22LR case.  The center bullet shows the dual diameter the best.  The length of the reduced section can be varied as wanted.