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Bullet Making Tools & Presses

How to Order

Please use the form on the “How to Order” page to send me a message with a list of items you are interested in. I will send a return email with the price of the items, shipping charges, and the total cost. Once you have confirmed, I will send a Paypal invoice for the total charge.

If you have questions about items or ordering, please contact me.

CM-001 Core Mould

Price: $119.00.

A time tried “piston” design mould that is adjustable for the core weight. Aluminum body with four steel inserts provides a faster heat up and cool down.

A bronze bushing pivot bearing on the sprue plate reduces wear and increases mould life. Mounts on the work bench or hold in a vise. Use a bottom draw ladle to fill the mould.

Stock sizes are .188″, .219″, .250″, .281″, .312″, .340″, .360″, .390″, .420″, and .500″.

CC-001 Core Cutter

Price: $75.00

The only lead wire cutter you’ll ever need. Cuts all sizes of wire from .125” up to .430”. No loose dies to fool with. Adjustable for light to heavy cores.

BL-001 Bullet Maker’s Lube
BL-002 Bullet Maker’s Lube

Price: $5.00 2 ounce jar
Price: $25.00 16 ounce bottle

A premium lube developed especially for bullet swaging. Also good for case resizing or for drawing copper tubing jackets. Available in 2 sizes.

Made from all natural ingredients, hypo-allergenic, contains no sulfur or chlorine so will not harm copper, copper alloys, or brass alloys.

Sea Girt-3 Press

Price: $325.00

The Sea Girt-3 press is a redesign of the original Sea Girt press.  And, yes, it is Girt- not grit.  See the photo taken in 1932 of the Sea Girt rifle range on the “About” page of the site.  Most Walnut Hill type dies are used with this press.

The Sea Girt-3 press is intended for the casual bullet maker who doesn’t need the power and versatility of the Walnut Hill-2 press.  It is excellent choice for someone that needs more than one press as it could be used for lighter work to allow the Walnut Hill-2 press to be used for harder tasks.  Walnut Hill dies are used but some accesssory tools are used only with the Walnut Hill presses.

The Sea Girt-3 has the short swaging stroke only.  It can be used to reload shorter cartridges like the 44 Magnum, 22 Hornet, or 218 Bee.  A special shellholder adapter is available for it.   A separate priming tool is needed.  Some advanced bullet swaging tools like a copper tubing jacket maker or some accessory tools that require the long stroke must be used with the Walnut Hill-2 press.

The Sea Girt-3 press has a shipping weight of 25 pounds compared to 29 pounds for the Walnut Hill-2 press so shipping cost is less.

Walnut Hill-2 Press

Price: $499.00

Walnut Hill-2 (WH-2) swaging & reloading press.   An updated and strengthened version of the Walnut Hill press.   Use with any Walnut Hill (WH) swaging dies and accessories.  The long stroke is used for reloading or doing special swaging tasks.  The short stroke has the power needed to easily swage bullets.  The press top plate is threaded 1 1/2″-12 and comes with a 1 1/2″-12 to 7/8″-14 reducer bushing.

The photo shows the optional reloading adapter for standard tee slot shellholders.  There is no provision for repriming.  A separate priming tool is needed.  The Walnut Hill-2 cannot reload 50 BMG cartridges.  Use the Walnut Hill-50 for reloading BMG ammo. 

The press is not compatible with other makes of swaging dies.

Walnut Hill-50 Press



Price: $550.00

Walnut Hill-50 (WH-50) swaging & reloading press.  This press has been especially built to be able to reload the 50 BMG  and similar large cartridges.  It has the stroke length and throat depth (distance between the ram when down and the top plate of the press) to handle almost any BMG reloading requirement.

The press can be used with any Walnut Hill (WH) swaging dies and accessories but adapters may be needed for some accessories.  The long stroke is used for reloading and the short stroke for bullet swaging.  The press top plate is threaded 1 1/2″-12 and comes with two reducer bushings.  One reducer is  1 1/2″-12 to 1 1/4″-12 and the other is  1 1/2″-12 to 7/8″-14.  A reloading adapter that accepts standard tee slot shellholders and one that uses the RCBS screw-in BMG shellholder are included with the press.  The shellholders are not included.

The press is not compatible with other makes of swaging dies.  The photo shows the press with the standard punch holder for swaging bullets.

Press Stand


WH Stand

Price: $35.00

Heavy steel stand for the Walnut Hill presses.  Raises the press about one foot higher to make using the press easier when standing to work the press.  Hardware to mount the press to the stand is included.  No hardware to mount the stand to the workbench is included.

Quick Adjust Punch Holder

QA Holder

Price: $79.50

Quick Adjust Punch Holder.  Use with any Walnut Hill press or other RCE, LLC presses that have a 1.5″-12 threaded top plate.  The punch holder has a special 4 pitch three start thread.  Four turns of the holder moves it up or down one full inch.    If making long bullets like those for the 50 BMG or similar cartridges the punch holder can be quickly moved up and down to gain some extra room when needed.  The punch holder comes with a special bushing that has a 1.5″-12 external thread and the 4 pitch three start internal thread.  A split lock nut and the draw bar for the holder is included.

WH-002 Extra Punch Holder

Price: $45.00

Walnut Hill standard punch holder.  One punch holder comes with the press but often extras are wanted.  The punch holder comes with the drawbar and split lockring.

WH-007 Reloading Adapter

Price: $45.00

Walnut Hill-2 reloading adapter.  Use the press in the long stroke mode with the adapter to reload standard rifle and pistol ammo.  Use your RCBS style shellholders.  The Walnut Hill press cannot be used to reload 50 BMG or similar cartridges.

WH-008 Reloading Adapter

Price: $45.00

Sea Girt-3 reloading adapter.

This adapter is similar to the Walnut Hill reloading adapter but has a longer base.  With the adapter and your RCBS type shellholders many handgun cartridges and short rifle cartridges can be reloaded.  The spent primer falls into the adapter and then out a drop tube in the adapter.  Catch the spent primers in a box you supply.

WH-009 Reloading Adapter

Price: $45.00

BMG reloading adapeter for the Walnut Hill-50 and Walnut Hill-JM presses.

This adapter accepts the RCBS screw-in shellholder for the 50 BMG cartridge.   The spent primer falls into the adapter and then out a drop tube in the adapter.  Catch the spent primers in a box you supply.

WH-003 W H Handle

Price: $25.00

Replacement handle for the RCE, LLC presses.  Standard handle with cushion grip and locknut.

WH-005 Tubing Punch Holder

Price: $79.00

Special punch holder used when making copper tubing jackets.

The punch holder makes the work faster and easier by adding one inch of stroke to the press without modifying the press toggle. The holder is threaded 1.5”-12 and is hardened & tempered for long life. It is not needed for most swaging tasks.