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After eleven years the old web site has become unreliable and is often “down”.  While it is hard to say goodbye to an old friend it is time to move on.  The new site is similar in many ways to the old one and, hopefully, will be even easier to use while still having lots of information.

The online store is gone for now.  Most of the products like core moulds, core cutters, swage lubricants, lead wire, and presses are in stock and available.  Just send an email to ask about the products.

Bullet swaging dies will be available in stock or common calibers.  Ask for the email catalog of in-stock items.

I will no longer make any custom dies and no longer accept prepaid advance orders.   I have been making bullet swaging dies and tools for the last forty years.  It is time to slow down a bit and have some time for other things like doing some testing and experimenting.

In the coming year (2018) there will be new additions to the product line, a new hydraulic press as well as some interesting additions to the hand presses.  Bullet swaging dies for the presses that I make will continue to be available in stock calibers and shapes.

By eliminating the time consuming custom and often very odd jobs and by greater use of CNC machining I will not need to raise prices for 2018.  At the same time since I will be able to keep more die sets in stock delivery time will be much faster than in the past.

I will also be posting more detailed information about how to do certain bullet making tasks, swaging techniques, and explaining why things work or don’t work.

As noted no custom orders or advance orders will be accepted.

Richard and The Wife with some of our steers. The two large ones are called Rack and the other Ruin. Two little guys, one hidden from view, are Prime and Rib.