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Firing line at Sea Girt, New Jersey, 1932.

When in Junior High School I bought a single shot 22 rifle and then moved up to a box magazine repeater.  I’d save my coins and buy one or two boxes of 22 Shorts.  They were cheaper  than 22 Long Rifle ammo and money was in short supply.  A 12 gauge bolt action shotgun was added to the collection.  This was an interesting gun as sometimes it would fire, sometimes it would have a hangfire, and sometimes would work OK.  I’d hike out into the wilds of Kansas, find a good spot, and then using a crow call would invite the black birds to pay a visit.  I could usually call in a number of them.  Then I’d work the bolt on the cranky old gun and fire a shot or two before the crows would fly off.  The shotgun was so ungainly that I almost never managed to hit anything.  I got a Stevens-Fox 20 gauge side by side and with that got all of the doves I wanted.

The old 12 gauge introduced me to gunsmithing and I managed to get it working properly.  That led me to do some repair gunsmithing for one of the local gun stores.  My first high power rifle was a SMLE #4 which was a fun rifle.  Needing ammo for it I purchased a case of surplus military ammo from one of the import outfits that existed back then.  I was still in High School but ordered and paid for the stuff without any questions asked.   The heavy wood case of ammo was shipped by Railway Express and I picked it up at the train station.  Again no questions asked.  Things are different now.

Later after graduating from Trinidad State Junior College I did repair gun work as well as built custom rifles.  I designed a few wildcat cartridges, made the chambering, and loading die reamers.   I also made a few bullet moulds to produce obsolete bullet designs.  I’ve spent the last forty years designing bullet swaging tools, making the tools, and using them including both hand powered swaging presses and various hydraulic presses.  Lead wire extruders and a special bullet jacket drawing press and dies rounded out the product list.

At various times I competed in NRA Bullseye pistol, Smallbore Rifle Prone and Position, NRA Smallbore and Centerfire Rifle Silhouette, and Smallbore and Centerfire Handgun Silhouette.  A good friend, Lt. Col. Jim Rice USMC Ret.,  introduced me to NRA High Power Rifle.  Shooting mainly the M1 Garand I earned a Master rating and the DCM Distinguished Rifleman award.   The Colonel and I would go to Camp Perry for the National Championships and Camp Pendleton where we would compete in the Western Division Championships as civilians.  Good times!  On the clay pigeon field I managed to hold my own using a Remington 12 Gauge Wingmaster pump and the 20 gauge Stevens-Fox side by side.

After forty years of designing, making, and using bullet swaging tools, presses, and equipment I decided it was time to retire.  That was boring so I am now semi-retired and still produce swaging presses and swaging dies as well as other types of tools.  As they are available they will be listed on the web site.