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There is apparently an unwritten law that web sites must have an “About Me” page that gives information about the person or company.  I am not willing to break with such a time honored tradition so here it comes!  While in High School I did repair gunsmithing to help pay for my shooting activity.  Later after graduating from Trinidad State Junior College I did repair gun work as well as built custom rifles.  I designed a few wildcat cartridges, made the chambering, and loading die reamers.   I also made a few bullet moulds to produce obsolete bullet designs.  I’ve spent the last forty years designing bullet swaging tools, making the tools, and using them including both hand powered swaging presses and various hydraulic presses.  Lead wire extruders and a special bullet jacket drawing press and dies rounded out the product list.

At various times I competed in NRA Bullseye pistol, Smallbore Rifle Prone and Position, NRA Smallbore and Centerfire Rifle Silhouette, Smallbore and Centerfire Handgun Silhouette, and in NRA High Power Rifle where I held a Master rating and earned the DCM Distinguished Rifleman award.   On the clay pigeon field I managed to hold my own using a Remington 12 Gauge Wingmaster pump and a 20 gauge Stevens-Fox side by side.

I am now semi-retired but still produce swaging presses and swaging dies as well as other types of tools.

After forty years of making bullet swaging dies and tools you’d look like this too!  The photo is actually not me but Shiff the Gunman as he was known to friends.  He produced hand made excellent quality Hawken and other rifles back in the 1930s and 1940s.