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”Richard’s Swaging Book” is the end result of thirty-five years or more of making bullet swages, shooting, and trading information & lies with others in the business. I have tried to keep the data in the book as factual as I can, leaving the hype and ego massaging to others. The information in the book is based on my experiences, failures, and successes. Most of the data will apply to any swaging system as it isn’t written to sell my products but some is based on my tools. Sometimes that is unavoidable. Take from the book what you think you can use and go from there. As with most things there are often different ways to reach the same end.

The online book is in a PDF (Portable Document Format)form so that it can be read on the monitor screen or downloaded with relative ease. Acrobat Reader will be needed to access the book. Most computers have this program but if you don’t have it you can download the free version. Just click on the Acrobat Icon and follow the instructions. With Acrobat you can click on the thumbnails, to the left of the screen, to jump to different sections of a chapter, or you can click on the page icons on the left to jump from page to page, or just scroll down the page in the usual manner.

Each chapter will be downloaded individually. This way the download time will be less than if you were to download the entire book in one shot. And if you aren’t interested in some chapters you don’t have to waste paper printing them.

Writing this book takes a great deal of time so a few chapters have not been uploaded as yet. Some chapters will be updated and new material added as time permits. Check back now and then to see what’s new.

Richard B Corbin 
Richard’s Swaging Book

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Bullet Swaging Presses

Chapter 3 Lead Bullets

Chapter 4 Paper Jacketed Bullets

Chapter 5 Shotgun Slugs

Chapter 6 Tubing Jackets

Chapter 7 Cartridge Case Jackets

Chapter 8 Jackets

Chapter 9 Bullets, Metal Jacketed

Chapter 10 Special Bullets

Chapter 11 Making Dies

Chapter 12 Tables, Charts, & Stuff

Chapter 13 Swaging Business

Chapter 14 Addendum